Duties / Exemptions

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The Lebanese Embassy in Abu Dhabi attests the translation of the following documents, based on the authentication of all the documents by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Extract of civil status (Ikhraj Kaid individual and family civil extract)
- Lebanese I.D. card
- Judicial record (sijil aadli)
- Birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates translated to English and/or French
Documents required

  1. Original passport of the applicant
  2. The original document to be translated with two additional copies
  3. Fees: 75 AED in cash

Transfer of Furniture
To avoid paying the relevant customs duties on used furniture 
1- An Affidavit by the applicant testifying that he resided in the country for more than three years and that he intends to move to Lebanon for good
2- Lebanese ID
3- Detailed list of the furniture to be transferred, issued by the movers company
4- Proof of residency in UAE for more than three years 

Transfer of Car
1- The car should be no more than five years old
2- If you have owned the car for more than one year, please provide the following documents:
The title of ownership of the car and the original invoice (Bill of Sale) showing that the car is paid in full 

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